Codename / Duffle Debuts Cross-Wallet Identity Chat

Catena Labs
2 min readJun 1, 2023


Catena Labs is opening early access to a new app for iOS and Android that brings reputation and decentralized ID to encrypted chat channels, personal AI chatbots, and verifiable payments and collectibles. The first release in our “Codename” program, this is Codename / Duffle.

Designed for the web3-curious as well as crypto-natives, Duffle addresses the desire to message, transact and trade across games, wallets, and apps with provable trust and reputation — without leaking or losing ownership of personal data.

You own your portable profiles and verifiable credentials, and you can use them for trusted payments and trades, gated messaging, and private AI model access. You can use Duffle with your existing wallets or have Duffle seamlessly generate a new non-custodial wallet using only your email address.

Codename / Duffle Gives Your Identity Super Powers

Duffle’s features offer:

  1. Personal and group transactional messaging with end-to-end encryption between decentralized identities that works with existing crypto wallets, web3 social accounts (such as Lens and Farcaster), chain domain names (such as ENS), and chat apps.
  2. Privacy-first messaging with personal AI agents. Your decentralized ID unlocks a personalized, privacy-first AI assistant with encrypted personal embeddings. Your data remains yours, training only your private AI, even managing your wallet if you wish.
  3. Native decentralized identity support to manage trust and reputation, help prevent fraud, support gated message access, and collect and utilize identity proofs such as verifiable credentials. Portable personas unlock communications and transactions while safeguarding your reputation and reducing risk without exposing personal data to middlemen, eavesdroppers, resellers, or bots.
  4. Transactional channels that enable community chats for collectors, creators, gamers, and traders no matter which wallet they choose to use.
  5. Easy-to-use non-custodial wallet and identity vault solution created from a simple email address for those without an existing wallet. Elegant power for crypto-natives, simplicity for everyone else.
  6. Compliance and risk features that do not compromise privacy and personal data control. You can prove things about yourself without losing ownership of your identity.

Codename / Duffle is built using our “DecentKit” developer API and SDK that is free and available for everyone to build upon. See the DecentKit developer hub for more info.

About Codenames

“Codename” projects are Catena Labs alpha-stage works in progress, and early access users should expect bugs and missing features. Codename participants will be among the first to experience these nascent projects while helping them mature and improve.

Request Access

Request access to Codename / Duffle builds for iOS and Android on the project’s site.



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