Unpacking Duffle: Group Chats, Private AI, and Decentralized Social Networking that Spans Apps

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2 min readJul 18, 2023

A few weeks ago, we announced “codename // Duffle” — a mobile app aimed at improving and securing the way we communicate, transact, and manage our online identities.

Today, we’re thrilled to share significant updates to Duffle and exciting news for those awaiting early access.

codename // Duffle

Enriching Wallets and Web3 Apps You Already Own

Duffle has a new streamlined focus on communications. It offers:

  • Fast, Secure, Encrypted Group and Personal Messaging: Communicate securely through personal and group chats across different chains, names, and wallet addresses. You can interact with peers on other apps and platforms without being locked in. Your friends don’t even need Duffle for you to reach them!
  • Cross-Platform Social Networking: Connect with a broad spectrum of decentralized networks like Farcaster, Lens, Mastodon, and Bluesky. Foster meaningful social interactions that you control directly, not governed by gatekeeper software companies.
  • Personal AI Chat over XMTP: Experience personal decentralized AI communicating over the XMTP protocol.
  • Wallet Freedom: With Duffle, the choice of wallet is in your hands. Be it MetaMask, Coinbase, Rainbow, TrustWallet, ENS names, or others, Duffle integrates seamlessly. If you own a wallet, you’re already part of the platform.
Duffle: Chat, Socials, AI for Web3

Embracing XMTP: Chat with Coinbase Wallet Users

Endorsing our approach, Coinbase recently announced support for the XMTP protocol, the backbone of Duffle’s decentralized chat feature. This development enables Dufflers to communicate with friends who use Coinbase Wallet. Additionally, Duffle AI can now reach Coinbase Wallet users outside the Duffle app.

The beauty of open protocols is that partnering with Coinbase happens in code. We did not need paper contracts to make messaging work seamlessly across our apps.

Allowing people to own their identity and chats means that conversations and content are portable. They are not locked into one app, but accessible across any app that supports the open protocol. The same applies to our integrations with decentralized social networks.

Join the Adventure!

We invite you to join the journey! We’re humbled and thankful for the feedback of our earliest Dufflers, and we’re now thrilled to invite more individuals off our waitlist to explore Duffle’s alpha.

You can help shape the future landscape of communications, AI capabilities, and decentralized social networking. Together, we can craft a future where our identities, transactions, and conversations are respected and secured, all without compromising on user-friendliness and delight.

To request access to iOS or Android versions, visit the codename // Duffle site: https://duffle.chat



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